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umm... this isnt good

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  • umm... this isnt good

    ok, my new machine had a meltdown.....

    i been collecting parts for the last month to put together a xp1900+ game box, and finally got close enough to make it work, run the maiden startup... Soyo K7V Dragon mobo, 1024megs of pc2100, thermaltake volcano 7+ cooler, xp1900+ unlocked chip, 400 watt dual fan p/s. well, i put all the stuff in the new case, get everything hooked up, fire it up, it runs for 5 seconds and i hear a snap, then smoke off the mobo, it looks like a diode blew apart, now, my hard drive is dead, the floppy is dead, both my cd-roms are dead, i dunno about the processor or the RAM, me or my pop doesnt have a mobo new enough to check it, or something new enough to put the DDRAM in to check, or my new video or sound cards..... my dad works on tv's/vcr's/computers, he thinks something inside the power supply shorted, dunno yet, i've sent email to the place i got the power supply from, and sent mail to the place that makes the power supply, i better hear from someone, i spent over $700 and im not doing it again from some junk power supply.... anyway, since it looks like im gettin a new motherboard again, what is a good motherboard? i mean by this, a motherboard that has LOTS of stuff to tinker with, i also need one that will give the clearance around the processor mount for my Volcano 7+.... i had to move a capacitor to get it to fit, if i wind up having to send it back, i'll have to remove the remote mount for it.... i thought Soyo was pretty good, but the Dragon came out a year ago, i dont really care if its RAID equipped, i'll never use it, i just want one thats easy to overclock, has good chipset cooling, and onboard LAN (for DSL) its gonna be a game comp. as always, rude comments and insights appreciated.

    PS... how's this for a lapping job???

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    ouch that base is blinding me....and i can make out a...*gasp* can;t be...the innocent people in TT forums are too nice for that:cheers:

    sounds like a major headache for u...hope watever u plan to do now it works out:D


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      Sorry to hear about the machine but that is a stunning mirror surface on that heatsink :eek:
      What came first - Insanity or Society?


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        yea it seems incredibly strange that a psu could blow up liek that on teh first go....looks like it leaked mains voltage into your poor components:(


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          Have you tried swearing at the components?

          It wont help bring them back to life what-so-ever, but itll make you feel a little bit better.

          As for a new mobo, I'd go for one sporting the new VIA KT333 chipset. The EPoX 8K3A im pretty partial to, but there are othes out there worth mentioning.
          It doesnt have onboard LAN though, and to be honest- youd be better off buying a NIC card seperate. Higher quality, and they dont cost much.


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            yea 8k3A ownz! i myslef am about to get one:D

            lol nah swearing doesn;t really cut it...the best stress releif is to stab your components with a screwdriver...of course it does make it slightly harder to get warranty....:cheers: