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  • I came upon this...

    I own a P3V4X and I was just seeing what the going rate was for a P3V4X.

    This guy hot-wired his P3V4X board somehow. I asked him about this and he has'nt responded to me. I have never seen anyone do this.

    Would anyone know how to do this and what in the Sam-Hill does it do for overclocking? I looked thoughout the Net and I have found nothing!


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    It could possibly be a voltage hack, but I can't say for sure since I'm not familiar with the internal layout of the Pentium mainboards. This would allow for higher voltages to the processor, which usually makes it possible to overclock much higher than normal... at a cost. When you crank up the voltage to insame levels, you create a LOT more heat. If you don't have some sort of very effective cooling in place, it tends to burn out the processor.
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      I wonder if water cooling could help. That's why he is selling the board AS-IS. He probley fried his chip. I always thought that running a higher voltage made the O.S. run smother. No crashes you know. Thanks for you help, I looked everywhere on the net for this and I found nothing. I did'nt know that you could hot-wire Asus boards like this.


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        Its not just Asus boards that can be 'hacked'- any board can have it done to it, as long as somebody knows where to put the wires. :)

        But like Darth warned- more voltage=alot more heat and a significant reduction in your CPUs lifespan. Be careful


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          Yeah, I am not going to do this. I'll stick this the FSB and so forth. Keep it simple. I do want to try to make my system run over 1 GHZ. I know it's not much with today's systems, but I built this system and I just want do it. My board will not post over 975mhz. All of my software/O.S. runs fine. I might switch to a water cooling system or have a setup with a Alpha 3125S SECC2 heatstink with 2 Delta 60MMx38MM fans. It could be my ram as well that's making a non-post. :hammer:

          It's alot of fun you know.


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            You may get a little more out of it with faster memory and/or exotic cooling but for what ya have that's pretty good for those. :smokin:


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              If you ever want to know what something is worth, do a search for it on ebay, and then click "COMPLETED ITEMS" on the left side of the search results page.

              Don't use ebay without it.


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                I have to laugh, This guy canceled his auction. He relisted the board and says that the modificication will help stablize it. He did email me and said he does'nt have a clue of what the modification does. You have to look out for these auction sometimes.


                He has another auction for the CPU.

                Alot of fun.


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                  At lest he finally took the time to address your question _ shame he couldn't answer it though:?:
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