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XP 1700 OC limits

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  • XP 1700 OC limits

    I have an XP 1700 w/ a Soltek mobo SL 75DRV 2 that I can run stabily at 1.755 ( 13X 135 , 1.85v , water cooling 31-34C ) but I cannot push it further than 135 on the FSB ??, and I am wondering if anyone else has this mobo , as I would like to tweak from the bios a little more ..
    I think if I had more voltage it would be easier , but there may be a little more left w/ tweaking ..thanks !

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    I've never used this particular board, but I know that some folks have been getting higher results by throwing a better HSF on their Northbridge. At least it can't hurt to try. ;)
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      Ive got that mobo...

      135 on the FSB is very strange.... i run mine @ 140 all the time without troubles and i can get mine to go to 150 or more easily

      If your using that RedStorm thingy try doing it manually... its the very bottom option on the list where you can choose to use RedStorm. Maybe if your doing it manually you should try the RedStorm thing.
      Oh, 140 FSB is without voltage tweaking