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FIRST! also 3dmark scores?

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  • FIRST! also 3dmark scores?

    Just curious. every forum has one so i though i'd start the ball rolling.

    ha sall my specs on the site. but incase ur lazy

    True Friends stab you in the front.

    Epox 8k7a w/Tbird [email protected] 0.5*134)W/Thermaltake Volcano 5
    (Hey, it's better than stock cooling keeps me around 43 [im getgin a noise control silverado next week i hope :mad:)
    256Mb Crucial PC-2100
    Leadtek Winfast Geforce2 GTS/PRO 5.5ns with 22.50Detonator Drivers Clocked @ 200/365
    Enlight 7237 case w/300w PS
    SBLive! X-Gamer 5.1
    WinXP Pro
    3dm2k1: 4199 3D Marks

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    6078 last run when I reviewed this GeForce3 card, but I am just now installing an EPoX 8KHA+ motherboard so will try again when I get the OS set up again. ;)
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      Just got one last week... Check out these interesting 3DMark2001's

      Stock Settings 240/500
      Det 21.85 - 6709
      Det 22.80 - 6426

      O/C'ed 255/565
      Det 21.85 - 6921
      Det 22.80 - 6912

      I may be able to O/C higher, that with stock HSF, should have my Blue Orb by end of this week.


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        I just tried these out and my O/C'ed 3dmark2001 score went from 6921 to 6768! That's nice!

        Others who have tried them have seen the same results.


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          Can Non Geforce users post here too? (Actually I have a GF2Ultra in my other Box)

          this is with an OC'd Radeon8500 - CPU at default


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            7863 last week using 21.83. Could go higher but then I started getting bad 3d glitches on screen. I am almost ready to install my water cooling rig. I want to get over 8000 soon. :)

            Mobo=Epox 8KHA+
            Proc=AthlonXP 1800+ overclocked to 2000+ (1660MHz)
            RAM=512MB pc2100 kingmax
            Video=Asus GF3


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              My best 5350 seems very low compared to some of these scores.
              Have'nt O/C a thing on my comp though.

              PentIII 1000
              Win XP
              Gladiac 920 g/f 3
              384 sdram
              Asus CUV4X-E via/chip. Would like any opinions thx.


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                LOL I have 3433 with my Geforce 2 MX! Is this a bad score?


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                  600 on a vanta lt....LMAO


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                    1493 out of mine. :cry:


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                      I just used the Det 23.11's for the first time and finally broke 7k (with stock cooling!) I got 7087 at default settings!

                      Overclocked XTasy 6964 at 255/570 - GeForce 3 Ti 500

                      AND I getting new HSF and case fans for it this week!

                      Good times, good times...


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                        Should have been clearer... 3dMark2001 was at default settings, my card, however, was not :devil:


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                          i got like 400 on my beast :D

                          thats 'cos i can't get opengl or direct x to work properly

                          so i have to run in software mode
                          TT Original


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                            Got 8059 yesterday, using Det 23.11 and GF3 clocked at 243x534


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                              I installed 23.11 and they are much better than 23.10's (for me) I got 7059 w/ GeForce Ti500 O/C'ed at 260/580.

                              I wish I had one of those nifty AMD's so I could go faster