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    Nvidia Editor's Day Conference

    Nvidia plans to launch its next reference driver update, release 52.16, soon. The company's so-called "50-series" of drivers will likely be followed by a new 55-series early next year, and a 60-series some months afterwards. However, according to an Nvidia representative, though the company has traditionally released reference drivers quarterly, it won't necessarily continue to do so unless needed, and that ideally, the company hopes to release as few as one driver update per year--though on this point, a representative acknowledged that the GeForce FX line of cards has a known issue with full-scene anti-aliasing (especially in recent games like Halo for the PC), and that the company hopes to address this issue soon. The company will also launch its new FX 5700 and 5950 cards soon.


    ATI response

    Before the rumours start flying around that ATi will be doing the same thing, I asked Terry Makedon if that is a path that ATI users can expect from CATALYST program. This is what he had to say:

    Quote: "No chance. We recently improved our regular and public commitment from 8-10 times a year to 12 times a year. We feel it is imperative to deliver performance improvements, new innovative features and stability fixes as regularly as possible. I have been told by gamers many times that they expect frequent driver updates, and have thanked me for setting such a pace in the industry with CATALYST.


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    ForceWare Driver release

    Nividia's new ForceWare 52.16 Windows 2000/XP Driver is available for download from here.