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Help me with HEAT!!

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  • Help me with HEAT!!

    I posted this on the mobo forum too, so sorry for the redundancy...I was gonna return the mobo, but I've looked at my options for other mobos and they don't look very attractive's my setup which IDLES @ 53 celsius w/the case open and under load w/case on can get as high as 65C w/crashes! What should I do!!!!????? HELP!!!!

    amd 2000xp
    gigabyte ga-7vrxp kt333
    artic silver 3 thermal paste
    512 pc2700 DDR cl2 RAM w/copper heatsink spreader
    thermaltake Volcano 7 hsf
    ide raid ata133 120gb
    geforce 4 4400 video w/stock clock
    aluminum case w/intake + outake fans

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    A lot of factors can contribute to mobo crashes..not just heat (although it is a major factor). With all of those high-speed components you have it's no wonder the temp is that high. Here are a few things to check:

    If you installed the Thermaltake Volcano 7 yourself, did you make sure that the arctic silver was spread evenly across the contact area? Any dead space in that area will cause heat build-up which will eventually fry the cpu. Also, if you got any arctic silver in the cpu socket or contacts, that will fry the cpu.

    Do you have the correct type of RAM? Some motherboards require memory to have certain specs (such as 3.3v,ECC,Unbuffered,etc...) or it will crash.

    Do the case fans you have provide adequate airflow (CFM)? Having the sides of the case off doesn't promote good airflow. I suggest going with higher a CFM fan such as a Vantec Tornado (if you can stand the noise).

    Hope this helps! :thumb:


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      also for the 2000+ the volcano 7 might not be quite enough, you might like to think about a 7+ or one of the thermalright coolers like the SLK-800 or 600.


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        A buddy of mine has a Volcano 7 on a 1900+ and works just fine...but the reason why i passed on the 7 and spent 20 bucks more on the 7+ is that 7 has a mind of its own...meaning it waits till your Proc is warm enough to speed up. So i was like no way!...I want mine cool at all the 7+. This baby has three speeds that I can control not a sensor. Oh, you should look into case cooling it made a huge difference for me ...a huge 20 degree difference...: peace2:
        - Damien


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          :cool: With applying the thermal grease, check out the instructions at Gives a good decription on how to apply thermal grease. Make sure you aren't using too thick a layer or it will do more bad than good. Make sure nothing is blocking the airflow in the case... re-routing wires and cables and making sure the fans have enough room to breathe.

          Maybe you have already done this, but it's always good to check...

          Hope this helps ya!


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            maybe the thermsistor on the volcano7 is faulty so it's running at very low speed?:afro: