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  • outdoor cooling question

    This is off the beaten track a little, but I'm setting up an 802.11b AP outside (it's actually set up. It' sitting inside a waterproof tupperware at the to of a chimmney.

    I know that once summer hits ole' NC here, it's going to get waaay too hot up there. I've been wondering about adapting PC cooling solutions to this application. I have full access up the chimney (unsued, never any fire in the fireplace) to run tubes or ducts, etc.

    Does anyone have any ideas what would work? To use water I'd have to pump it about 20 feet. The only problem is that most of the PC water cooling solutions I've seen use water blocks, which won't work (I don't think) for this application.

    Any help would be great!


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    Idealy cooler air is found at ground level or below but ducting it for that distance and thru a chimney would defeat the purpose as the cool air would be warm by the time it travelled that distance. A better solution would be a room airconditioner. :smokin: