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[Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

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  • [Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

    Hi im Essential Designs and this is the next build log i have to offer. This design comes from a move i watched a while back.

    Essential Designs is a Facebook base non-profitable organisation that is created to show computer mods and designs as well as the latest news on technology while also hosting COMPETITIONS!!!!

    The design consists of moving panels that are adjusted either to increase performance by allowing more airflow and also be changed so the noise is set to a minimum to get the best of both worlds. The color scheme is a set Matt Black paint and a vibrant Yellow combination. It will have the gpu located along the side of the motherboard, with a long pci-e extender connecting the 2. all the components of the build will be water cooled and a custom res will be built to fit in the center of the case to split the motherboard and the gpu as seen in the sketch up photos below.

    Case: Cooler Master Storm Trooper
    Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X UD5h Black Edition
    CPU: i7 4790K
    GPU: GTX 970 or R9 300 series (once it comes out and the highest model that comes out.)
    RAM: to be decided
    SSD/HDD: to be decided
    Fans: Cooler Master White Jetflo (120mm)

    Full water cooled system.

    I would like to thank both Gigabyte Technology and Cooler Master Australia/New Zealand for sponsoring me with this build.

    GIGABYTE - Motherboard , Graphics Card , Laptop ,Tablet , Mini-PC , Server , PC Peripherals and more
    Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply


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    Re: [Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

    So far there hasn't been much progress with the build as i am still waiting for parts to turn up.

    Also in addition I have received support from Avexir Memory for this build, which I am super excited for, i hope with Avexir, Cooler Master and Gigabyte i can bring insane pieces of equipment to the show :)

    AVEXIR -


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      Re: [Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

      Pictures of the motherboard and Case ill be using in this mod!
      Big thanks to Cooler Master and Gigabyte for supplying me with these.



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        Re: [Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

        So the start of the mod is here. Already got an injury but ill be fine and here is the design for the fans underneath coming together. Still need to sand them down.


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          Re: [Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

          An update to the case, adding some colour, this is the first of 4 layers so what you see now is nothing to what it will be


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            Re: [Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

            Finally some more movement on this build, there has been a few things pop up lately preventing me from completing some tasks. Buty the design is finally coming together.

            The first few pictures display the panels that i have made and the others are just more improvements!


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              Re: [Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

              Finally more progress, Yes i know this build is going slow but its getting there. Second level of panels are on and my god I love it personally, but i do like criticism so hit me haha :)
              Hope you all enjoy!

              Thankyou for the support everyone, more progress to come :P


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                Re: [Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

                Sorry that i havent put anything up of this build lately, i have been getting ready for Gamefest in Sydney this weekend, where ill have some final pictures of this build up. this is the progress so far, im making the final panels today so i can finish the loop and correct errors. once that is done the case will be and photos should be up over the weekend!


                Res in the front of the case

                Laying on the bed and looking to the side to see something that looks nothing like a computer. #ModdersLyf

                Finally put stuff inside the computer which is nice.

                Pretty lights!

                So yes i know im the worst photographer in the world but comeon this looks kinda cool haha

                Finally i didnt really come up with a name for this build, although i have had a few people say that the theme of this build is similar to the costume Deathstroke wears, hense the new name of this build!


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                  Re: [Build Log] Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Mod

                  So i got a few pictures of the computer at Gamefest, down in Sydney.
                  Had an awesome time and lots of people were interested in the system. Now to finish it to final quality!

                  Next lot of photos should be the final shots for the build.
                  Thanks for all the support!