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Clear Ivory (Haf Staker) Cooler Master World Series Build Log

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  • Clear Ivory (Haf Staker) Cooler Master World Series Build Log

    Hey Ladies and Gents my names Drew and i go by the name Essential Designs.
    I am currently creating a system for the Cooler Master World Series.
    Using the CM Haf Staker case with the extra 915r part, i am trying to create a clean yet violent system.
    Link to Facebook Page
    I am currently running a competition for an r9 290 so to be in the chance to win, go to the link above

    CPU: 4790k @ 4.7
    Motherboard: Asus Maximus VII Ranger
    GPU: Galax GTX 970 (x2)
    Ram: 32gb (4x8gb) G.skill Memory.
    PSU: Silverstone Essential 1000 Watt
    SSD: 250gb Kingston.
    HDD: 2tb Hitachi Drive

    2 Loops one for the cpu and the other for the 2 gpu's (red/white coolant).

    Before i start the log i want to point out my two sponsors, thanks to them i can actually complete this Mod and compete in the competition.

    Cooler Master


    Started off with a soft paint job

    Added a bit of red

    And made a couple shrouds to test out designs

    Painted them black

    But i didnt like it, took up to much of the window and wanted something less invasive so i scrapped them.

    Layed out a new idea in paint.

    New 1 piece shroud to replace the old one.

    Got a couple red backplates made (just for asthetics)

    and the waterblocks for the 970's

    Then a bit of black to make it fit in more with the system.

    Hehehe! Fans

    Made an SSD cover

    Finally i got the Shroud made and god it makes it so clean after having cords everywhere before!

    A Pretty Picture

    Got the holes for the cables done aswell

    Top Shroud was the final piece i had to make

    Got the cables from IceModz, God they look so clean and nice, im so happy i got IceModz to do them for me

    Some final pictures done by a professional (not done yet but this is as far as i have gotten so far, just waiting on a new pump as the other one broke unfortunately)

    More to come!!

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    Re: Clear Ivory (Haf Staker) CMWS Build Log FINISHED

    Got some final shot fo the system hope you all enjoy.