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  • A Case Idea

    Hi all, this is my first post in TweakTown.

    My PC has a matx mobo and it is housed in a Phanteks Enthoo Pro.

    I had a ATX mobo inside when I bought the case, but well, things happened.

    I've been looking for a nice small but capable matx case for a while now.

    I already have Corsair air240, but thats populated by other PC.

    Also, I want something more premium. Like Lian Li's aluminum cases.

    While new O series cases are great looking, they are very limiting in part selection.

    I want unique features to suit my needs&wants.

    So far Cerberus from Kimeraindustries is the closest, but still lacking in some parts.

    Being frustrated with looking for perfect case, I drew up some sketches and a rough 3d model.

    I just wanted to put it out there because... idk I think it's great for some demographic.

    Here are some criteria i based the design off of.

    Compact MATX case
    5 lanes
    ATX PSU mounted on front-top
    270mm GPU (evga ACX2.0)
    90mm rear fan
    up to 280 rad on top
    up to 140 rad on the front
    HDD cage mount (up to 3HDD)
    Front IO (i mean front, imagine Ncase M1)
    Rear Mobo cable management space>1in
    as small as it can be without sacrificing any of features above

    The reason for all these criteria was basically I had a predator 240 (I returned it after the recall)

    And I wanted a GPU loop added to the predator with QDC.

    I have EVGA 1000PS platinum PSU. ATX form factor, I don't want to get a SFX PSU.

    90mm rear fan... idk whatever

    I have 2 HDD and 2 SSD in my PC, I don't wanna get external HDD dock.

    Cerberus doesn't have space for cable management, which I find just plain silly.

    And ATX PSU mount on top of mobo is just not cool.

    Maybe they were tryna make the smallest matx case.

    Well enough complains.

    Here are some screenshots.

    Excuse me for
    sketchy design (I'm in college, I used free Autodesk Inventor, my experience with 3D CAD is 6months during an internship)
    out of order images
    there are screenshots from two iterations of design (one with mobo mount and one without)
    no rear io ports(i didn't bother looking up all the dimensions nor was I gonna recreate it myself)
    It doesn't have mobo cutout, I know, again I didn't bother
    no front io. again didn't bother
    window is optional, I personally want one to be there
    I wish I knew how to use sheet metal design, but this is just some dumb extrusions, fillet, chamfer etc
    power port reroute not really designed yet
    front panel looks like thousand other PCs, well I am not at the stage of designing it yet

    Let me explain some stuff, but note that I have next to none manufacturing experience.

    Frame is single sheet of metal(whoa I know it'll rip, but it's easier to model)

    bent at front top, front bottom, and rear bottom, joining at rear top by something (maybe just rivets)

    Looking at the screenshots, you might be going thats not structurally safe. I know. I was thinking maybe another sheet that went around the top/front/bottom in order to make the structure more sound.

    also outer layer surrounding the case's left/right and front is one piece (again, whatever, its easier to draw that way) just couple bends here and there.

    middle piece is also one piece(didn't expect this did you) also bends in couple places.

    top is just single sheet with many holes. (though I'm not a fan of this: dust, need filters)


    Idk, let me know if there are any questions with the design.

    Dimension is 415mm(length/depth) x 178mm(width) x 335mm(height w/o the feet) if you're wondering.

    Its not tiny, but perfect for me. Again, its a very personal design.

    Maybe I should make a cardboard model like creators of cerberous did, but thats work.

    Take a look at imgs. maybe give me some feedback.

    Oh I'm posting this here because I'm secretly(not) wanting Lian Li to buy my design so that I can get couple prototypes or something cool.

    That's a joke, but not. if you know what i mean.

    Thank you for reading.

    I wrote as I thought. some sentences might not make so much sense. English isn't my first language, so bear with me. (don't correct my choice of words, I get offended)
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    Re: A Case Idea

    Well thought-out! I'll pass along your ideas to the techs and see what they think.