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Lian Li PC-X510 question about resonance sound

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  • Lian Li PC-X510 question about resonance sound

    Hello, I want to buy an ATX case recently.
    I found that x510 is my type.
    But 1 year ago i have Lian li case z60.
    I cant stand the resonance sound from the front plate.(I think maybe it come from the HDD)
    So I change to R5 and that sound disappeared
    I want to know if the X510 have this issues because its front plate is not like z60
    I hope u can help me find out whether this issue has been improved.
    And i would love to buy this case. Thank you!

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    Re: Lian Li PC-X510 question about resonance sound

    Hello -- while I can't guarantee you won't hear any noise from the front panel of the PC-X510, I'm confident the issue you had with the PC-Z60 shouldn't be as apparent. The PC-X510 has a different fan layout in its front panel. I think it may have been the front fans causing the vibration nopoise in the PC-Z60. The drives are also stored on a better, more updated rubber dampening system away from the front panel if you're concerned that was the issue.