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  • PC-B16 question

    I see that this case supports the installation of two fans in the top panel. If I end up buying it, I might be interested in doing this to enhance airflow, but I wouldn't want to compromise the acoustic performance of the case (the main reason for my interest in the product). So I'm wondering, can these fans pull/push air around the sound isolation material in a way that's similar to how the front fans work? Or does installing fans in the top panel require the removal of this material?

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    Re: PC-B16 question

    Hi. I am afraid the answer is: Acoustic material does not allow air flow. It just can't or it also lets sound past. Ya can'na change the laws of physics!
    The material in the top fan bay can be removed to add fans, giving you the option of more silence or more air flow, depending on the needs.

    But, you still have the material to dampen something else in the case, see if you can use it wisely.

    Hope that helps.