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Lian Li Power Button Issues

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  • Lian Li Power Button Issues

    Just read post about same issue I am having with my Lancool PC-K62 power button. " I removed the case panels near the power button and discovered that the plunger at the end of the wire harness serving the power button had slipped down into the case. This was because the square, white plastic bracket holding this plunger had deformed slightly so that it no longer gripped the bottom edge of the plunger to hold it in place. This explained why the power button behavior had changed to require such a deep push to initiate system power up. I pushed the plunger back up so that it could be grabbed (for now) by the plastic bracket." I've purchased a replacement kit, but the kit I received was not the same as the picture at the web site where I purchased the replacement kit. I'm hoping for some help from Lian Li.

    Thank You

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    Re: Lian Li Power Button Issues

    Hi HWDurham,

    Can you post up or PM me a picture of the problem issue of the bracket? Also, what kit did you purchase?