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Aero D z690 and 13900 KF

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  • Aero D z690 and 13900 KF


    I have purchased a z690 Aero D. I also have a 13900KF on order. I checked to be sure that the board had13th generation support (yes with BIOS update). I also considered an Aorus Master. However my use case is audio and the Aero has better I/O options, with built in Thunderbolt 4; along with back plate I/O and all the additional USB ports I need using header extenders). Furthermore I use an external audio interface, so the limited onboard sound options are not a factor. Finally, when I was in purchase mode, I was unable to find a Maple Ridge Thunderbolt card, which disqualified boards with onboard headers only. Of course, they're available now ????

    My question is, do you have any concern about the ability of this board to power a 13900KF CPU? Your replies will be most appreciated.


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    No concern whatsoever. The VRM is more than capable of powering the 13900KF. This whole series is well overbuilt with exception of the budget units by other manufacturers. You should be all set. Enjoy!