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Network Issues with Intel Ethernet Controller I225-V on Gigabyte Z590i

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  • Mappi75
    Got a GB Z590 AORUS XTREME (F7) and sometimes the Intel LAN does not work.

    I think it happens when i have a boot failure during mem oc and it fails - then the Intel LAN does not working.
    Even resetting the bios or power down the system or unplug the power cable will not help.

    I powered down the system unplug the lan cable start the pc an plug the lan cable in and it found it,
    dont know if this works every time - not happy with that.

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  • Network Issues with Intel Ethernet Controller I225-V on Gigabyte Z590i

    See screenshot:

    For some reason, this issue appears every time I have a BSOD. I'm doing undervolt tests because my CPU runs too hot. During my tests, I sometimes get BSOD, this is when the network adapter decides to stop working.

    It seems that this is a known issue with I225-V Intel network adapter:

    SummaryRecommendation to update Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)

    Description: There are a couple of possible issues:
    • Network connection drops when playing games. Also, network speed drops to half when the connection is dropped and then renewed.
    • Ethernet connection does not recognize that there is a cable plugged in without disabling and then re-enabling the connection. On startup, the computer says there is no plugin the Ethernet connection.
    Inside the package you will find the firmware update tool and instructions on how to use it. Before installing Intel I225-V driver v., ensure that Intel I225-V firmware should be updated to v.1.45 via the firmware update tool. After finishing the necessary firmware update, shut down and unplug the power cord, and then reboot the system normally. For more information, refer to the firmware update guide.

    Note Both ASUS and Gigabyte confirmed that NVM 1.45 + LAN driver does not have a performance issue. Engineering at Intel also confirms this.

    So if Intel suggests that the NVM should be updated, then we need to have a tool to do that, but Gigabyte doesn't provide such a tool.
    Asus does provide that on their website

    Can someone here please help with this issue?

    For official communication on this issue