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B550I AORUS PRO AX - A couple of simple questions

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  • B550I AORUS PRO AX - A couple of simple questions

    Hello everyone, I just jumped on the Ryzen train I got a couple of questions:

    - Despite setting 100mhz Bus Clock in bios, HW and AIDA reports 99.8mhz. So my memory clock is 1896.5 at 38x; not precisely synced with IF set at 1900mhz. Is this normal ?
    - Despite disabling both GearDown settings in bios, Tcas/Trcd/Trp set at 15/15/15 in bios will run at 16/15/15. Am I missing something ?
    - I red Vsoc, VDDP and VDDG voltages are the ones to look after if I want to try my luck past [email protected] Is there something else ? What would be the baseline you would recommend to safely experiment with those ?

    Thanks !

    B550I AORUS PRO AX (rev. 1.0) - BIOS F11 (2?020/12/31)
    Ryzen 5900x
    G.Skill Ripjaws F4-4000C17D-32GVKB 2x16GB / DR - CL17-18-18-38 @1.40V

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    - Disable Spread spectrum, than your base clock will run at 99,98 MHz.
    - Ryzen cpu's don't like ueven CAS latencies, so that may be the reason why it run at 16.
    - I can't boot with IF 1900 MHz, but I can boot at 1933 and higher (to 2000 MHz).


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      Thanks for you answers ! I'll go check that asap.

      Also does anyone knows when PBO 2 is coming on this board ?


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        You're welcome!

        Maybe a beta BIOS based on Agesa will come this week, PBO2 is part of it.