Since building my new PC (Spec at the bottom of the page) my old mouse, the Logitech MX Master 2S has been problematic. It seems to "hang", "pause" before moving on. I have tried both the motherboards Bluetooth and the Logitech unifying receiver. Neither has provided either the smoothness (Bluetooth connection) or non stuttering motion.

This mouse worked fine in the previous PC.

Things I have tried to narrow down the problem.

1. I have plugged in a usb MS intellimouse to see if it was potentially an input device problem, and that has worked smoothly, though quite uncomfortable compared to my beloved Logitech MX Master 2S.

2. I have connected a Logitech MX Anywhere 2S via Bluetooth and that has stuttered or just disappeared and exhibited they same kind of problems . When I connect it to my Surface pro via Bluetooth, it works fine.

Prior to point 2 I uninstalled the Logitech unifying receiver software and the Logitech options software.

So I am unsure what could be effecting both the Bluetooth and Unifying receiver connection.

Any thoughts from anyone who has had similar problems, then I would love to be enlightened :) It is massively frustrating.

NOTE 1 - I also have a Logitech KS780 keyboard which has also proved flakey in this PC, though since I only installed once I got the new PC, not sure if there was a problem already. It seems to note recognize key strokes (Loses connectivity) ????

NOTE 2 - I will be connecting the KS780 keyboard to an Intel NUC to see if the problem is occuring with that PC, which would identify if the keyboard is working as well or I have 2 separate problems.