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Need advice on which PCIe slot to use

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  • Need advice on which PCIe slot to use

    I've just purchased Gigabyte x570 Pro WiFi motherboard and Samsung Evo Plus PCIe SSD as part of new build I will put together in a couple of days.

    The motherboard has 2 M.2 slots available, M2A and M2B.

    It is my understanding that M2A connects directly to the CPU via PCIe and does not impact any other ports and that M2B will connect either a M.2 Sata OR a PCIe Ssd but that it will turn off Sata ports.

    Also that M2A will allow for faster transfer speeds than M2B.

    Can someone either confirm the above or, please, correct me and tell me what is correct?

    I've searched exhaustively without much luck in verifying the above.

    Thank you very much!!