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GA-P35-DS3L Temp Sensors

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  • GA-P35-DS3L Temp Sensors

    Just got my computer up and running. I have a Q9650 on this board, real temp shows sensor movement on core 2 is nothing. All my other cores run within 2 degree of each other. I just got the board back from a rma and I noticed a couple of pins that did not look good. Does all the core sensors have a seprate pin on the socket or do they all read from one? I want too know if this is a board or cpu issure. My temps are running good 29-42-29-28. Maybe the sensor is stuck,any ideas on this problem.

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    Re: GA-P35-DS3L Temp Sensors

    If you have damaged pins you should NOT be using the board AT ALL, you could kill your CPU or Board or BOTH. I would RMA that and you will have to pay for Damaged Pins to be repaired.

    Aside from that, alot of 45NM CPU's do have stuck sensors. The only way for you to know if your board is at fault here would be to test your CPU in another board. But I would assume it is the CPU which is nothing you should worry about as long as at full load the temps start to work

    Either way, Again I suggest for you to NOT use this board with your CPU until you get the pins fixed.

    Since the board was just RMA's I would call in and tell them the pins were bent when you got the board back and not when you sent it in for work. They may or may not charged you based on that info, but normally there is a charge as they will replace the socket