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  • Memory problem

    Hey guys!

    I have installed 4 x 1GB memory chips in my computer. Still, the bios, and Windows, only lists 3,25GB. Why is this? I have updated the bios to the latest version, and have tried to contact Gigabyte tech support. No luck there.

    I have the GA-945P-S3(rev. 1.0) motherboard, and the memory is OCZ DDRII, 667 mhz. I run Windows Vista 64.

    Anyone heard of this before?


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    Re: Memory problem

    You don't have a memory problem. 32 bit Windows only recognizes 3.2gigs of memory, which you are probably running Windows XP. 64 bit Windows will recognize all 4 gigs.



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      Re: Memory problem

      Yes 32 bit Windows only recognizes 3.2gigs of memory.
      If you want use your system with 4GB memory, you need OS and BIOS support.

      You can get some information here


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        Re: Memory problem

        I run Vista 64. Also, the bios only acknowledges 3,25 GB, so does that mean that my motherboard doesn't support 4gig? I have the newest bios.
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          Re: Memory problem

          Yes indeed. Your MB or your Bios must support it. I has something to do with memory adressing. On some Bioses you find a setting called "memory hole remapping" or something like that. Sorry i'm not very technical in english. Take a look on your bios if you find something like that. If Not, than i think it won't support it.


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            Re: Memory problem

            As i know, but not very sure. The lose memory are used by PCIE and PCI Components