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2x F3-2400C10Q-16GZH won't run at 2400MHz (X.M.P.)

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  • 2x F3-2400C10Q-16GZH won't run at 2400MHz (X.M.P.)

    Hello everyone!
    I have just purchased quad-channel kits for my computer (was using triple-channel for some time), and there seems to be some problem.
    My configuration:
    Rampage IV Black Edition (firmware version 601, then 801)
    2x F3-2400C10Q-16GZH amounting to 32GB in total

    All settings are at factory-defaults and no overclock attempts were made so far.
    After putting both kits into the motherboard and switching Ai Overclock Tuner to X.M.P. (tried both profile 1 and profile 2) I've navigated directly to memtest86+ and encountered many errors coming from module located in D2 slot. I've tried to swap C2 and D2 (which is difficult by itself since I'm using Noctua DH-14, forcing me to dismount it before manipulating DIMM slots) to see some effect, resulting in some unpredictable change in errors patterns: d2 was still failling (although on different addresses), so was b1.

    I was counting on the memory working at rated speeds without too much effort, and I'm not particularly experienced in overclocking, therefore at the moment I can't even determine if the problem is with faulty memory or weak CPU's IMC (is that even possible that 4820k can't handle 8 sticks at 2400?). I've decided decreasing frequency down to 2133 and tigthening up some timings (currently at 9-11-10-29) while still using the X.M.P. profile for all other settings, which runs just fine and handled to run memtest86+ for 3 hours.

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    Re: 2x F3-2400C10Q-16GZH won't run at 2400MHz (X.M.P.)


    Mixing memory kits, even of the same model number, may result in compatibility issue. G.SKILL will guarantee the compatibility for single memory kit only.

    It could be two kits not compatible with each other, please kindly return and get the 8GBx4 memory kit instead of two 8GBx2 memory kits.
    Or you could try slightly raising the DRAM voltage to 1.65v, if the memtest passe without error, it should be the compatibility issue.

    If 1.65v doesn't work, try to raising the CPU vtt to 1.2v~1.25v and see how it works.
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      Re: 2x F3-2400C10Q-16GZH won't run at 2400MHz (X.M.P.)

      Hi, Matt!

      Thanks for your reply. The situation is even worse, these are 4x4 kits, thus I have all eight DIMM slots populated, they run
      1.65/1.25 out of the box.

      I'll try to return them, but availability of 4x8 kit is an issue. Besides, you know how they say "in soviet Russia..." :) Last time I was returning memory to the retailer I could only do so via trial.

      Anyway, thanks for answering.
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        Re: 2x F3-2400C10Q-16GZH won't run at 2400MHz (X.M.P.)

        Try to set it back to default, enable XMP profile and raising the DRAM voltage to 1.65v, CPU Vccsa to 1.25v and see how it works.

        And we don't have 2400MHz 4GBx8 kit available, so please kindly check out this item: RipjawsZ - F3-2400C11Q-32GZM - G.SKILL DDR3 Memory