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F3-14900cl9-4gbxl failing memtest86+ test number 5

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  • F3-14900cl9-4gbxl failing memtest86+ test number 5

    Ram is set at default, registering 1600.
    I ran memtest86 and ram fails at test step 5.
    If I try to OC the cpu anything past 4.0 the WIN7 64 will not boot or I get a bad check sum error.
    I have re-flashed the bios, 1.2. Done this 3 times.
    I have ramped up voltages but it does not help.
    Basically any manual CPU oc past cpu mult 234 / nb x10 @ 2340 (which is apprx 3.3, stock proc speed) sys will not boot.
    Faulty ram module (s). I know the ram is not on this mb QVL but.......
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    ty - RJ

    AsRock 970 EXTREME3 mb Bios 1.6
    WIN7 64 ULT-N
    Bulldozer FX6100
    H80 Corsair liquid cooling
    G-Skill Ripjaws X series, 8G, 2 sticks,DDR3 1866 Model F3-14900CL9D 9-10-9-28 1T 1.55v
    Xfire Sapphire 6790's
    775w Diablotek ul atx
    HD WD sata 500
    ASUS VS Series VS247H-P LED Monitor
    MX518 mice
    Logitek S510 key
    Cyborg Fly 5
    Altek Lansing speakers with sub 7 in 1
    G35 headphones
    Apevia X-Cruiser case

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    Re: F3-14900cl9-4gbxl failing memtest86+ test number 5

    sorry RJ

    did you raising the DRAM voltage or manually set as 1.5v?