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Troubleshoot X470 BSOD events

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  • Troubleshoot X470 BSOD events

    Iím seeking some advice for some BSOD events involving my new PC I have just assembled. It seems that, if stressed at full power, it encounters a BSOD event at least every 24 hours.
    The hardware is:
    - AMD Ryzen 6 3600X;
    - TUF X470-PLUS;
    - 4 x 8GB DDR4 SDRAM PC4-21333 KHX2666C16/8G;
    - AMD Radeon R7 240;
    - MAXTOR STM3250310AS;
    - MAXTOR Z1 SSD 480 GB;
    - Power supply COOLERMASTER - ATX 500W Elite 500 V3

    The OS is Windows 10, it is updated and also the BIOS has just been updated. I have installed the OS a few weeks ago.

    Moreover I can also state that:
    - the measured temperature never exceeds 70 degrees;
    - memCheck does not reveal any error. I have repeated the test several times;
    - the bios recognises correctly the memory speed, no hardware error is shown;
    - I have not deliberately allowed any overclocking;
    - both the HD's pass the integrity test;
    - the windows registry has no error;
    - from the windows control panel I have checked that all the devices have a driver.

    I report here the links to the memory dump of five BSOD events.
    I have also shared these data with Microsoft and their experts decline any OS responsabilty.!AkAzRwt2ktUWhxzM...7MINJ?e=kJR5rd!AkAzRwt2ktUWhxuj...vrzxf?e=f6gc3m!AkAzRwt2ktUWhxoP...bJzQD?e=HJt7HR!AkAzRwt2ktUWhxkr...H84TH?e=oPwKi5!AkAzRwt2ktUWhxit...uXeq2?e=4OcY9W

    In all the events the ntoskrnl.exe service failed.

    I would appreciate very much any hint to correct or, at least isolate, the error.