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Problem with pc power switch

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  • Problem with pc power switch

    I ordered a replacement Power switch cable for my Asus K31ADE desktop pc ...and damaged the lugs whilst fitting the microswitch on the plastic holder and this part is unavailable now.The only way i can turn pc on is buy pulling the power switch cable through i hole drilled in the pc case and sellotaping the microswitch to case which is not the ideal way.

    I believe you can get replacement Pc power momentary switches but the ones i have seen have loads of connectors for the motherboard ie
    Power +,Power-,Power ,Power reset,LED,HDD etc the power switch cable connector is just a jumper for the pc case to motherboard ...totally confused..

    I have managed to locate a Asus motherboard pin connections manual but this may not be the correct one for my pc

    the one i found is ...E11133_MB_pin_connection_definition_v2_indd2 dated 28/12 2015

    All i want is plastic holder..gluing the microswitch did not work as it requires to be pretty central in holder.

    There must a simple way to turn pc on

    Thank you