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Help with PCIE to stata 3 on my old Striker II Formula board

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  • Help with PCIE to stata 3 on my old Striker II Formula board

    Third attempt to post this question within this forum - So far non of my posts shows up and message to admin seem to get lost - not sure if this is a sign of this forum is dead or not, but thought I'll try once more....

    Have this old ASUS Striker Formula II mobo where one of my native sata ports dont want to register on my FreeNAS server.
    BIOS register the disk, but FreeNAS dont see it for some reason.
    Since this sata port is somewhat dodgy on the board itself I thought the port might be to blame so I went ahead and bought a cheap PCIE to sata 3 None RAID controller card that would allow me to add up to another 6 sata III drives.

    My problem is this though...
    Adding the card to my pcie16 *blue* or generic grey slot the system boots showing me the initial wall paper with the option to enter BIOS.
    Hitting DEL it says... "entering BIOS" but rather than doing so it seem to continue where the system displays an on screen message....

    Asmedia 10bx SATA Controller ver 1.00 AHCI Mode
    Using PCIE Gen 1 x2
    Firmware version 140924_00_00_00
    Port   PMP   Model
    0         0       ASMT109x- Config SATA 3
    1         0       ASMT109x- Config SATA 3
    I have no idea what this means, nor can I do anything from here - only option I have is to reset the box

    Rebooting without attempting to enter BIOS settings results in the exact same message

    Anyone with info on whats going on and if theres a way to deal with this would be highly appreciated

    The PCIE card I got is compliant with PCIE 2.0 *as per the mobo spec
    The firmware version I run is 1602

    If there's a way to sort this then I could at least use these extra sata ports for something - not concerned about being able to boot from any of these added sata ports - happy to use my native ports for that purpose

    Throw me some ideas on what to do to resolve this