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Asus F2A85-M won't go into BIOS

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  • Asus F2A85-M won't go into BIOS

    Have a system with an Asus F2A85-M motherboard. Was the guts of my HTPC, just put the A10-5700 that was in it into a ITX mobo and small cube case.

    Am trying to reuse this board in another system with an A4-5300b. But I can't get it to go into the BIOS so I can set things up. Have tried the jumper, replaced the CMOS battery, removed the battery and moved the jumper, still can't get in.

    Screen will show Asus splash screen, I press DEL, get the next screen showing info and saying press F1 to enter Setup. Press f1 and get a blank, black screen. Press Ctl-Alt-Del, get the Asus splash screen, but then when I press Del I don't get that next screen, just stays black.

    Now if I put a Linux distro in the dvd drive, it'll load Linux fine, I put a Win 10 dvd in and it would let me start the install (I aborted it cause I can't get to the BIOS to set AHCI and turn stuff on/off).

    Bad BIOS chip?

    can't get to any select boot device screen (F12 doesn't work), to try to flash from USB.


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    Re: Asus F2A85-M won't go into BIOS

    Well after trying a few different things I was able to get into the BIOS and get it updated to 6508. How? well............

    Found the Asus CD that originally came with the mobo. used that to boot into the FreeDOS on the CD. Got into the bupdater on the cd. Pointed it to the new (and renamed) .cap file on a USB stick. First 6-7 times it kept telling me it couldn't open the file, finally tried it one more time and lo and behold it worked. Rebooted, got the splash screen, the next screen showed bios was 6508, pressed F1 to enter setup and............. black screen.
    Scratching my head (again) wondered if using HDMI output may have something to do with it. So hooked up a VGA cable instead and instead of a black screen I was now in the BIOS. Got it set, installed Win 10 and it's good to go. Using HDMI out as well.

    So a PITA and a learning experience all in one