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ASrock z370 Extreme 4 with i9-9900k VRM questions.

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  • ASrock z370 Extreme 4 with i9-9900k VRM questions.

    hi folks,

    first post here thanks, I hope this is in the right place.  I currently have an i7-8700k OC'd on this board at 4.9ghz @1.260 with around 60 degrees under load.  This board has not skipped a beat.

    I posted on an overclocking thread in reddit today about the i9-9900k CPU I'm going to be putting into the asrock.  It will be delidded and yes it will be clocked to around 5ghz, I use a h110i and overall the ventilation in the machine is good.

    In my post people are saying the VRM is weak in the Extreme 4 and it's going to have issues running my i9-9900k some are saying put fans on the VRM etc.

    Can anyone back this statement up, do I need modified heat sinks etc for the VRM, any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated.

    i am more than happy to buy heatsinks etc or what is needed to continue using this board, any