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boot lacks graphics signal

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  • boot lacks graphics signal

    I need help figuring out what's wrong with my new build. I see no graphics signal. And the onboard CPU has a graphics signal, and that fails to arrive at the monitor as well.

    Last year I bought a used computer. It had an ASRock z170 motherboard (m'bd). I did not realize this machine was intended for a client/server environment. Although it came with a 250 Gb M.2-SSD card, I bought a 4 Tb HDD and
    when I installed it, it blew the PSU. I bought an upgraded PSU and discovered the m'bd had also blown.

    The m'bd was no longer in the sales channel, but I was able to buy the next version of that board, the z270 Killer SLI, and
    reuse all the components from the original board.

    Had any of those components blown? The only way to find out is putting them in a new board, which is what I did.

    When I turn on the power switch on the PSU, some fancy red lights illuminate on the m'bd. When I turn on the power from the front panel, some deep blue lights in the front glow, and the 3 fans I have turn on. Two are chassis fans; the third is the radiator fan and a green light on the DVD drive turns on for a few seconds.

    So POST is querying the devices, and one of those is the DVD drive.

    With the driver CD for ASRock in the caddy, I was not able to detect any other activity on the CD drive after the first brief light. From another machine, I see the ASRock driver CD is loading a variant of DOS. Yet I don't see anything like further CD accesses. So it didn't get that far.

    The HDD is not initialized, but the SSD has Win 10 Pro on it.

    I have two DVI ports on the back of the machine. One is the on board video signal, the other is a graphics card.

    I tried both DVI ports with a single link DVI-I cable with no display output.
    I tried a different cable - no change.
    I tried a different graphics card - no change.
    I tried taking out the graphics card altogether and just using the on board graphics - no change.
    I disconnected the HDD power and data cables - no change. (This would have also tested a boot from SSD alone.)
    I changed monitors - no change.
    I checked that the two monitors I tried worked with a working machine - they did.

    The components I brought over from the z170 m'bd were:
    16 Gb DDR4 in two sticks (2x8Gb),
    An Intel i7-6700K CPU,
    The graphics card, and
    The M.2-SSD card.

    Is there a way to find out what the POST is finding - I don't see any lights on the m'bd.


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    Re: boot lacks graphics signal

    Reading your post first thing to do is make sure you have the upto date bios
    your ram is compatible and cpu