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Asrock H87 Pro4, problem setting boot priority

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  • Asrock H87 Pro4, problem setting boot priority

    I have an H87 Pro4 with an intel I5-4590 and 32gb ddr3 1600 ram.
    I am running 2 different Ubuntu OSs on separate SSDs, there are 3 WD HDDs and a DVD drive connected.
    I sometimes take SSD 1 to another site so I want to set the Boot Priority to first try SSD 1 and if that SSD isnít available then boot from SSD 2.

    Unfortunately, I canít find a way to make this happen.
    In the BIOS Boot tab I can set HDD preferences so the SSDs are first and second followed by the HDDs and then the DVD drive. Then in the first boot option of the Boot Priority area I can choose between whichever SSD is set as number 1 in the previously mentioned list and the DVD drive.
    If I set SSD 1 to be the first boot priority and then try to set the second Boot Priority the only options available are whichever drive is set in priority 1 and the DVD drive.
    I have tried setting it with the DVD disconnected but that only gives me 1 boot priority option.
    Does anyone have any ideas why things are working this way?