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ASRock Z97 Extreme4 troubles with PCI-e

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  • ASRock Z97 Extreme4 troubles with PCI-e


    I just get rid of previous MSI H87 and i5 4570, bought 4690K + Extreme4 and here start problem.
    I used Xonar phoebus on previous MoBo in bottom slot pcie and GPU card was on top pci-e. Below GPU i had TP-Link Wifi card.
    With Extreme4 i cant use Xonar on lowest x16 pci-e slot, system wont boot (blank screen)... I need to put it above GPU, what is very bad cause of high temperature from GPU and size of Noctua NH-D14.

    Also when i use Xonar + EVGA 970 + Wi-fi pci-e, i get info that i need plug 4pin molex extra power in mobo. In instruction there is only info that you need plug this power if use multi-gpu configuration. Also sound and wireless card dont use much power...

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    Re: ASRock Z97 Extreme4 troubles with PCI-e

    I switched BIOS to 2nd and i was able to use botttom slot pcie (pcie6 slot) on Extreme4 for Xonar Phoebus.
    Problem with power molex needed to 3 cards in pci-e i solved by buying network card on usb instead of mine previous pci-e...