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asrock n68-s fan speed

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  • asrock n68-s fan speed

    does any1 know how to control the fan speed of a n68-s motherboard? it is at full throttle at the moment? i have looked in the bios and ther is no option to reduce the fan speed there. any ideas on softwar to control it?

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    Re: asrock n68-s fan speed

    Are you talking about the chassis fan? If so it is not possible to adjust the speed.


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      Re: asrock n68-s fan speed

      Dear Pinstar,

      Please kindly refer to below steps to adjust CPU fan speed.
      1. Press F2 into BIOS Setup when you boot your system.
      2. Adjust "CPU Quiet Fan" to [Enable] and you will find the items “Target CPU Temperature” and
      “Target Fan Speed” appear to allow you adjusting CPU fan speed.
      (BIOS/ H/W Monitor/ CPU Quiet Fan)
      3. "Target Fan Speed" default value is [Fast], if you want to reduce CPU fan speed, please adjust "Target Fan Speed" to [Slow].
      4. Press F10 to save changes and exit BIOS Setup.

      Or you can refer to user manual page51 to adjust CPU fan speed.
      User Manual Link

      Best Wishes