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    Hy ,i bought an Asrock N68C-S and as usual when i buy something for my pc i check for any overheating components(like coils near proccesor and North Bridge), the North Bridge is so hot i can barely touch it,even for 1 second its very very hot,after that i put an small cooler, its not that big its just the size for the radiator,and the situation has changed a bit,i can put my finger about 2 seconds now before getting burned(when the computer is in idle),is there any bios settings ,undervolting to make it cooler ? NB Frequency ,or smth ?
    If i put a cooler on the radiator i lose my waranty ? Because the screws scratch a bit the radiator
    When is the Phenom X6 bios is coming for my kind of motherboard ?
    Its possible to release a bios to have UCC to unlock cores on AMD proccesors ?

    My config is AMD Athlon II X4 620 3.11 ghz(OC) ,2 gb ddr2 Kingmax 800 mhz,Sapphire 5770 1 gb ,PSU Rasurbo Silent and Power ,550W.