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939-Dual-SATA2 Memory Question

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  • 939-Dual-SATA2 Memory Question

    Hi Sean,

    A friend of mine is trying to give his aging system a performance boost to get ready for the open beta of APB by installing some additional memory. We are trying to get it to recognize the full 3.5GB using the following configuration:

    DIMM 1 - 1GB
    DIMM 2 - 1GB
    DIMM 3 - 1GB
    DIMM 4 - 512MB

    Everything goes great until we install that last 512MB stick. When we do, the POST screen as well as the System Properties within Windows 7 Ultimate x64 registers only 2.8GB but if you access the BIOS or use my favorite system information application, Speccy it shows the full 3.5GB installed.

    At first I thought this may have something to do with the fact the board has an AGP slot and a PCI-E slot and there was some funky memory reservation going on but someone who had this board before said it is likely because the sticks in the matching slots need to be same density. 1GB and 1GB or 512MB and 512MB.

    Any help is greatly appreciated since I have not been able to find anything concrete.

    Thanks to TT for offering AsRock support as well!

    ***EDIT: Sorted it out after a dozen or so web searches. In the advanced section of the BIOS in the section where you can change your memory timings there is an option for Memory Hole (yeah, I know how that sounds). I just enabled, saved and ta-da! 3.5GB of memory.
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