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  • Registry or something edit help

    This might be a smart, dumb, or just a plan wrong question, But After you install things, things go to the registry, I guess things like, time limits and needed keys or codes to make things keep working after a certain time limit. Well any way, I know there are ways to ..... aaaaah..... change these.

    My example is a free version of a game, and without the key, code or whatever, you can't play anymore. I WANNA PLAY IT. Its not so much not wanting to do it the correct way, I just can't. Any help?????

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    Is there some time limit set on it like some shareware? :?:


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      Hello Wiggo, Its not shareware, its a limited use, 15 free games, then you need to unlock it with a key. Its the kind that after you unzip it, it leaves something some where, and I'm not really sure where that is. I can tell you the game if you like, And HAPPY NEW YEAR
      :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:


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        The thing is that sometimes software can leave bits in the registry behind under names that may have no apparent connection to the software itself but this has been away for some developers to overcome ppl who hack their regs for this purpose. ;)