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W2K is missing something or I need help.

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  • W2K is missing something or I need help.

    Imaging the following scenario:

    A LAN with 20 to 30 user and 10 Workstation (1 W2K Server), no problem with the number of PC because not all
    the 30 people are working at once, BUT a PC is not asigned to each user, that means: any user could
    login at any PC, the server is mainly use as FILE SERVER (Central place where all user save their files in
    a organized way with security).

    Ok the 30 user are begginers, they have trouble using the mouse, they only are capable of use couple programs, and in their
    head can't imaging a PC with 2 HDD (1 Physical, 1 Mapped), the nicest thing to do to this kind of people is something like
    folder redirections and roaming user profiles, after some research, I resume folder redirections and roaming user profiles to:

    My Docs folder is mapped automatically to a share on the network at login, and all the files are kept on the server,
    but every time you logon you have to transfer to the computer you are working on all the files not present on that computer from
    your last logon, and every time you log off you will have to copy all the new files you have created to the server, using RUP (roaming user
    profiles) you can automatically map a share to a drive letter (or many using a login script), and many things more that maybe does not
    apply to the Imaginary scenario Im posting here.

    It seems kind of nice all this but when you are talking about User profiles over 200MB on a medium traffic LAN
    and the need of profiles going from one PC to another, I think this method won't work that good.

    So I spent 1 week tryin to see if W2K was capable of map a share folder to "My docs" folder like a drive letter is mapped to a share,
    and inside of the "My docs" folder was another folder called "Our work" that is mapped to another share that is available to everyone
    and another folder called "Administration Work" that is mapped to a share where only Administration workers have access to.

    Anyway, I was not able to do it, I was capable to redirect but with the copy and moving that I talked before, wich is unancaeptable on
    this type of configuration, and being only able to redirect th "My Docs" and "My Images" Folder I could not redirect any other Folder.

    Maybe this POST is confuising, and is not going to be replied, but THIS IS MY IMAGINARY WORLD...

    Hope some one have DONE that and could give me a hand.