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  • red hat bootloader

    i install the bootloader that comes with redhat so i can do dual boot with windows but when the bootloader opens theres two redhat to choose from. one ends with 8.0. is this normal_ how can i take out one of them?

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    RH8 uses GRUB as its bootloader if i remember correctly. In which case, you should edit your grub configuration file and manually remove the double-up entry (first checking to make sure it shouldnt be there)

    Youll need to consult some documentation for where grub stores its config file. do a 'man grub' or something to that effect. I use LILO, and lilo stores its config in /etc/lilo.conf and to get lilo info, i issue a 'man lilo' command. I cant see why the above shouldnt be anything differerent for you. just sub in grub instead of lilo


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      just like you said, in /etc/grub.conf, thanks