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  • What did I do wrong?

    I'm trying to try Linux out. I didn't want to format my hard drive to do so, so I used a utility to shrink my current partition down to 10 Gig, leaving 10 Gig for the Linux partition.

    I then used an old CD I have of Caldera 2.2. I booted to this CD, and followed the installation process, which seemed to use and format the open partition, and install the recommended package.

    How do I boot to this partition now?

    I just have to assume it is there.

    When I run FDISK, I get the following info:

    Display Partition Information

    Current fixed disk drive: 1

    Partition Status Type Volume Label Mbytes System Usa
    1 Non-DOS 9091 4
    C: 2 A PRI DOS GLEN4CINDY 10001 FAT32 5

    Total disk space is 19093 Mbytes (1 Mbyte = 1048576 bytes)

    Can anyone assist me????


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    Unless you installed and configured lilo doring the system install you'll need to use the boot floppy that you (hopefully) made during the install, if you don't have a boot floppy there are some you can download all you need to do is google for them. One last thing.....throw away that caldera disk and get a copy of a recent distro, mandrake 8.1 would be my recomendation, that old disc you have will be full of bugs/security holes that have been long fixed in a newer distro.


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      There was no option during install to make a boot disk, or to configure lilo.

      I tried several times to download Red Hat and Mandrake, but,
      even with my 1.5 meg download speed cable connection, I could never get more than 10 KB/Sec, and I was not interested in letting my PC churn on for 20 hours per disk image to get it.

      Wal-Mart has a Mandrake 8.1 package that I am considering purchasing for $25.

      You think I will like Linux enough to give up Windows for it?

      How many of my current software programs will run under Linux?


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        Go for the $25 drake boxed set, it will come with an install book as well. Nothing designed for windows will run on linux unless you use one of the windows emulators that are available, there are plenty of free app available for linux....tens of thousands in fact, have a browse at freshmeat for an idea on a small amount of the available programs.