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KDE vs. Gnome

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  • KDE vs. Gnome

    Being new to linux I was wondering what is KDE and Gnome.
    I know it has something to do with the desktop environment but why is there 2?


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    They are differnt interfaces, i only installed MDK9 last night (first time with Linux) and i'm using KDE and loving it.


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      In answer to your second question as to why there are two (in fact there are others too like XWindows and ICE and others)....choice ....thats why....not like with Windoze where you only get what they give you...

      The answer to your first question is that they are GUIs which enable you to utilise the Linux operating system which sits under them just like the Windoze desktop etc.


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        The are basically the same to the end user. They look almost the same and the operate the same way. The difference is to the programmer and how they deal with the widgets and such (basically the api of gnome or kde) It is more of a personal preference to the user and what programs do you want to use. Since it is different API some prgrams for KDE will not work under gnome and vice versa (some, not all!) I personally like gnome with ximian...check out ximian at

        -----This next part is resonse to last post, not to the initial question----
        As to having more options, I find this debilitating to the end user. it coauses confusion to the lay user and will keep them away from the product...hence one of the many reasons for windows success. Also, it cause problems for programmers...they might make an elite application, but it can only be used under KDE....well what does a person do if they use they have to switch...well that is a pain in the arse.....blah...the while xwindows system is flawed...they need some standard for it to be successfulll...... oh well. this is just my opinion which does not count for much!!


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          Yep, I agree. If they can bridge the gap between the different development types (Qt & Gtk) then the end user can then base their decision on what GUI to use purely on features & power.

          As a newbie(ish) linux user, I was pretty keen on KDE. My first intro to linux was back when Gnome was VERY immature, and left a bad taste in my mouth right up to Gnome 1.4

          Since installing Slack 8.1 with KDE 3 & Gnome 1.4 ive primarily used KDE simply because it had more features and 'stuff' i actually used than Gnome 1.4. My encounters with Qt & Gtk problems were scarse. Evolution & XMMS are the only gtk apps i used. (that I could tell just by how they looked mind you) Gnome 1.4 looked purdy, but it simply didnt do what I wanted/needed it to do.

          However, since upgrading Gnome 1.4 -> 2.0.2 Im finding it to be my primary GUI. It now does what it needs to, doesnt use as much memory and is much quicker than KDE. (admitting, I have yet to update the Slack stocko KDE version to 3.0.4 or try a KDE 3.1 beta)

          Its weird actually. Whenever there is a beta OS from MS ill be first in line to try it out, not giving a second thought to hosing my system. For some reason I just cant, nay, wont do it with linux. Dont wanna hurt my baby. :) Too many hours spent modding and customising it Just The Way I like It. That, and I think Bern would get cranky if I started hassling him with the same newbie Linux questions all over again. :)


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            I like both KDE 3 and Gnome 2, but BlackBox is my favourite environment. It has the cleanest interface you can ask for and I always like to keep the interface simple, without icon clutter.


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              BZ I agree....I have spent quite a bit of time customising the new install of MDK9 and it IS that tinkering that makes it so good. I had a ball splicing a firewall script into the iptables boot file to create my own solid firewall.....that type of flexibility makes Linux just that little bit more precious to us....

              Oh... and yeah Bern must be one of those really patient people....thankfully.... for a lot of us newbs....