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Mandrake 9.0 and nVidia drivers

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  • Mandrake 9.0 and nVidia drivers

    I just tried to install some nVidia drivers for Mandrake 9.0.

    I downloaded the tar glx and kernel files off the nVidia website.

    I had no trouble unpacking the tar files. I then went into the directory's and typed 'make install' everything appeared to work correctly.

    The problem happened when I attempted to start the X server again. Problem: it doesn't work, and with limited linux knowledge I don't think I have what it takes to fix it without any help.

    As I can't access the README file anymore, I am unsure as to what to do next, it said something about an XFree Config file that I have to modify but I don't know the commands in order to modify the file from the Konsole, or what to do with it for that matter.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated as I don't want to stay in the evil Windows XP any longer.


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    Don't panic its not that bad (I was there about 5 times). You need to change the XF86Config-4 file. Maybe one of the more experienced blokes can tell you how to run the console commands.

    In the XF86Config-4 file you need to comment out the "Load GLcore" and "Load dri" and insert a line "Load glx" and you need to change the driver from "nv" to "nvidia"). Its pretty easy but I am not sure of the editor commands for saving the file. I think it is like this;

    at the command line logon as root

    change directories to the /etc/x11 (like the usual cd dos command)

    do a "dir" and see if you van see the XF86Config-4 file

    when you find it type "vi XF86Config-4" that opens the VIM editor...make sure you use the capitals etc to EXACTLY match the file name as you found it in the directory

    make the changes I mentioned'll find the sectons pretty easily...the glcore is about a quarter of the way down and the nv is near the bottom of the file

    save the file (here's where I need some help) I think its [ctrl w] then quit [ctrl q] and restart...hopefully you'll see the white NVidia splash screen just before the normal logon screen. If you do then you are there and enjoy.

    My instructions above might be a bit rough but you will get there if you persist and with a bit of help from the more experienced blokes with the editor.


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      For vi, you hit the a key to put it in a mode where you can change stuff. Then when you're done, press esc. Then press :
      then the letter w to write the file. Then again : and then q to quit vi.



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        Thanks guys, all working now :thumb: