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Standard keyboard.

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  • Standard keyboard.

    I have tried this on another forum with no luck. Hopefully there are more users here to answer my question.

    I went to all the places I could find who sell PC hardware for a keyboard. Every one I spoke to wanted to sell me the latest keyboard with a freakin windows key on it and didn't have any without it. Tell me what good a windows key is on a Unix system

    Please! can anyone point me in the direction of someone who still sells a standard 102 key keyboard. My current keyboard is getting old and unreliable, I often have to hit keys several times to bring up a letter.:hammer: But Even though I use Windows, I work a lot in DOS and that windows key really makes me angry when I hit it at the same time as the CTRL key and pops me out of Dos and back into windows.

    I am considering switching to Mandrake or SCO Unix 7 since I now have both sets of install CD's waiting to be installed.

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    You must really have it in for M$, why dont you just but a 102 keyboard and rip the windows key off it.
    Then you can also melt it for fun.


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      What makes you think I have it in for everyones favourite OS?

      I think talk of the Palladium technology has made my mind up for me. If it means I will be unable to make backups of my original CD's so I can keep the originals pristine, I don't want to know. It states on the documentation that comes with all software that you can make "one copy for your personal use only", M$ are taking away that right. I doubt any software company will start to replace scratched original CD's for free because we will be unable to keep the original safe.

      Several of my friends will be going down the Linux route as well since they are also put off by Palladium.