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  • Being a Slaker

    With many thanks to Bern for sending me Slack and helping me with a minor problem or two, im viewing these forums from Slackware 8.1 right now!

    KDE3.01 is awesome, I was expecting alot of things to be still as stupid or disfunctional as they were in KDE3.0/2.2, but theyre not. Im not saying its 100% perfect, but hey- either is windows. :)

    Now all I need me is a decent ICQ client, and an e-mail client.
    Any suggestions?

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    I use LICQ, but in kde3 you'll need to compile it from cvs and plain old Kmail for email, but if you want something like outlook check out evolution. On a side note, I've just completed installing kde-3.0.2 and so far I'm happy with it (only minor improvements and a few bug fixes from 3.0.1). KDE 3.1 alpha1 is out and I'm thinking of installing that soon, I'll wait for a week or so first and monitor the devel mailing list for major bugs first. Konqueror has tabed browsing (web and file) in 3.1......mmmmm...tabed browsing....


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      Dont like konquer much, is there any other way to browse the system instead of via konquer?

      Ive downloaded licq and compiled it already, but coming from trillian to licq is prety hard. licq is lacking in so many ways.... :(

      I installed fluxbox last night and it had a link to evolution (which i didnt think was installed) so i setup an evolution link in kde and im using it now. Very swish program. Can even import from pine.

      So far im pretty happy with it, im in windows atm only because im doing some work that requires my upmost attention. Im still learning to walk with both legs in Linux atm. Since installing linux, ive used Windows twice. And only to xfer some docs from my ntfs drive to linux. (which I cant seem to mount for some reason)
      apart form the games, linux does everything I currently do in Windows with the added benifit of being close-to, if not 100% customisable. The joys of scripts.
      Anyway, like I said- im working. So quit distracting me. :D


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        Make sure the ntfs module is loaded before you try to mount the drive, and don't try to write to an ntfs drive, you can read them ok but writing to them can cause file corruption.


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          I selected NTFS read support when I recompiled, how do i tell if the module is loaded or not?

          Also, in KDE3.01 how do i set icon spacing for icons on the desktop?


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            Do "lsmod" as root to see the loaded modules. KDE will have suport for setting the icon spacing in v3.1, due out soon (3.1-alpha1 is out for testing ATM).


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              Ok, NTFS module is loaded. Cool.

              Ive created a directory: /mnt/ntfs
              I add the hdd to my fstab file
              then I mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/nfts

              Set it up to mount on startup blah blah blah, BUT
              only root can acess the mount. If I try and change the permissions on the folder /mnt/ntfs to allow everyone to read/enter etc, it changes back to root-only acess as soon as I mount it.
              What gives?

              Another thing that has always frustrated me soo much in linux- permissions.
              I understand that using the root account for everyday tasks is a no-no, but Id like to be able to edit my own fricken files for fcks sake. Is there any way to give my normal account the same privs as root, but minus the destructive-ness?
              I mean, having to drop to a terminal, su to root, then navigate to a file, edit it then exit is tedious. I wanna just find the file I need to change, open it in Vim, edit, save & exit. Done. I wanna set privs on folders that belong to root etc. ****s me to tears when I copy a folder or anything from a CD then find that only root can acess/see/read the files. Im the only user of this box, the constant stop-start crap with 'acess denied' is stupid.

              Perhaps I just need to use the console a bit more, but I dont have the time to tinker with commands when i can just do it with one movement of the mouse.
              /end rant


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                Use the 'users' flag in /etc/fstab to allow users to mount/unmount drives and have a look at sudu to allow specific users limited root permissions, but be aware of security when setting it up.