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    Just how many distributions have you used. I am curious of what people actually used or have been using.

    I have tried Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Tinycore, xPUD, Pardus, Mint, PCBSD and openSuse. I attempted Sidux and Arch but both had problems.

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    Re: Just How Many

    I've played with a few live CDs over the years. The only distro I've ever installed is Ubuntu. If you (or anyone else) are interested in live CDs frozentech has the best list I've found. The LiveCD List
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      Re: Just How Many

      started with Red hat 9.0 with a friend. They had FREE online course to learn it . My friend and I learned together. Then RH went to a 125 /year fee... stopped using it..Tried Osbourne third edition compilation cd with multiple versions. went back to 98SE and avoided even XP till 2006. which is also when i started trying dif versions every year.. but none where easy to us for this noob. Just not intuitive . Did get 64 bit version of PC linux running ..when no one else's 64 bit would ,but again , just not comfortable, or intuitive. try yearly fedora,Ubuntu , mandrake, ? and ?
      2009 asked for small versions for repaired older comps...tried Dam small, yellow dog, and at least 5 other . gave up, not intuitive..
      since 2007 , Ubuntu never would even load...
      2012 July,hard drive burped and XP down, BUT , yehaaaa Ubuntu 12.04 LTS loaded, worked, is intuitive. play video, dvd's, can find and get things to work. [64 bit] but switched to 32 bit since Ubuntu says 64 still has ?'s performance or problems. Surf with no problems. And it is a Long Term Supported version so I do not have to relearn every thing every to try it on 3 of my AM-37 boards [presently on 945g chipset boards [2]] have no win 2007 or 8 and no plans , linux is here now and @ 54 do not game modern stuff, tho i do 98SE and XP for BroodWar [starcraft]
      k6-2 .and . . . AMD 64bit|3.2,1G[2326],9800xt [both died] miss my 500 K's
      recycled from the trash [and in use]
      2 = 945G chipset boards 2G Celeron and dual Pentium
      3 = AM-37 FIK motherboards 2-2.6 G
      in storage 810/815 chipset P3's 800MHZ[4setup and +? not]


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        Re: Just How Many ...

        I've installed and "poked" at perhaps a dozen different names, I have used 3 families quite heavily: Mandrake-Mandriva-Mageia, Fedora, and Ubuntu.

        I use Ubuntu in Production, but that use is limited to Virtual Machines. I run some pretty sophisticated stuff within them. (For example, an entire clone of the VA Health system.) In such configurations, usually dedicate one of two system-wide DWD-RW drives to be "owned" by an Ubuntu VM exclusively. Because it's LTS, I stay with Ubuntu 12.04 ("Hardy").

        For "Host" OS, I have used Fedora a lot, but I no longer prefer using it. The commuity is great, but it's "bleeding edge", and needs very frequent updates. And the life span of a particular Fedora Release is also very short; you are forced to do a "Full Upgrade" every 6 months or so, because it's extremly dangerous to "leap" between non-adjacent Releases. Fedora also includes software such as OpenStack, which is relatively new - and not compatible with everything I want to run.

        A very long time ago, I started out as a user of Mandrake Linux, and migrated into "Mandriva" when they changed the name ('Mandrake the Magician' was under Copyright.) Even at that time, the MCC ("Mandriva Control Center") provides a common software management platform for both KDE and Gnome, as concurrent, first-class citizens. (Same with XFCE.) MCC also provides a Service Manager which shows everything, I find it very good for enabling/disabling/restarting Services without a need to know and spell their names correctly on the command line. I currently use Mageia, a very attractive, Open-oriented, and modern "fork" of Mandriva. I have provided these organizations with "beer money", comparable to retail Windows licenses, from time to time.

        Myy Desktop is Mageia (Mageia V3, released in May 2013). It includes a new version of the same "MCC" as its predeccessors and "ancestor" Distros, and continues to supports concurrent, alternate Desktops really well. (I usually use KDE.) it has a very friendly community, very dedicated and capable Developers, and it's my favorite.
        - - - -
        I've tried a lot of others within virtual machines (CentOS, Arch, Debian, etc.). Some of them are too primitive, most of them lack a high quality Service Manager GUI, and some just take too much "fine tuning" to create what I want. I tend to prefer RPM-based Distros, although I've got no good reason for that preference. Writing this, I feel that I should go ahead and give Mageia another donation; it's been a while, and they deserve it.
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