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  • Linux Redhat 7.1

    I downloaded Redhat version 7.1 disk one from WirePlay and it was in the form of an ISO. I used IsoBuster to decompress the files and then I burnt them straight to my RW CD for testing. I remember installing Redhat 7.1 in class a while back and I swear it was self bootable. but the one I burnt today I can't get it to work.

    It doesn't self boot (I probably have to burn it as a bootable cd with Nero but don't know how)
    I thought there was an install.exe but there's not when I'm in DOS.

    I bascially need help with starting up the install procudure for Linux Redhat 7.1 and how to make bootable CD's using Nero I guess as that is where my problem is I'm sure.........

    Thanx in advance guys..... :p

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    you shouldn't have to even use iso buster just open the iso file in nero and burn it straight to a CD.

    or you could just go here and create your own boot diskette's from the CD you burned..



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      there are the bootflopppy images on the cd in... umm images directory on the red hat cd... there is a utility on the cd called rawwrite...

      put a formatted floppy in and follow these instructions:

      C:\> d:
      D:\> cd \dosutils
      D:\>dosutils> rawrite
      Enter disk image source file name: ..\images\boot.img
      Enter target diskette drive: a:
      Please insert a formatted diskette into drive A: and press --enter-

      Boot the system with that and you should have no problems.. BTW these instructions are right from the instalation guide Had to use that cause i did not have my cd here.

      hope it helps


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        Just reburn the cd from the iso in nero and it will be bootable, dont "bust" it, just select an image as the source and browse to the .iso file you downloaded.


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          OOO maybe i should learn to read better.. hehe