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Getting rid of Macromedia pop up??

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  • Getting rid of Macromedia pop up??

    I have the KDE 3.0 installed now in my Mandrake 8.2 system. When i came to Tweaktown, I get a pop up saying to download Macromedia Flash as this is best viewed..etc etc.
    I downloaded and unpacked the file, but where do I put it and since I don't have netscape, it can't be a plug in there!

    Or is there a way to disable the pop up saying I need to download the Marcromedia Flash program? If I install it, where does it belong?


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    If you download NS6.2.2 you can install both the flash and java plugins during the install. Save the installer to ~/tmp (~/ is linux shorthand for /home/you), open a konsole and cd to tmp/, su to root and run the installer, select custom and check the boxes for flash and java (java is optional but I recomend it). After the NS installer has finished start up the kde control center and go to web browsing-->netscape plugins, check to see if the path to netscape/plugins in in the list and then click scan for new plugins.