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On board sound not working

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  • On board sound not working

    I have just set up SUSE 9.3, or 9.3 is at least my guess seeing as though it took a while to update during the install. I am very a very proficient windows user but i quickly found it means nothing in linux, however, i am adapting quickly and i have been fairly successful with linux thus far, with the exception of the lack of sound. I have On board sound that doesn't work at all. SUSE Detects AC'97 and it knows my mother boards model. i don't know if i need a driver or if i need to configure something that's already there. I read something about alsa and I ran some sort of also config, however that didn't seem to solve my problem. If someone could make some sense of this for me i would much appreciate it.

    MOBO = giga-byte GA-8IPE1000 Pro
    and I assume linux is up to date kernel and all

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    Re: On board sound not working

    do you get any error messages when trying to update with yast? if so, please list them

    please don't be offended by this, but make sure your master volume is not set to 0
    you would be surprised how many seasoned linux professionals have pulled that one^ :)


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      Re: On board sound not working