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  • NICs and Linux

    Hey Guys,

    I don't know if this is the right heading to put this under, but it seems about the closest.

    My problem is that I just installed Linux RedHat 8.0 and I can't seem to get either of my network cards to work under it.

    My onboard NIC is an SiS900 which is in the list of devices supported by the kernel, but it keeps telling me that it can't activate the card.

    My other card is an old Linksys NC100 Fast Ethernet card. There are Linux drivers for it but the process seems so complex, and the instructions are for Linux 5.x and up.

    I installed Linux on a totally seperate drive from what WinXP is on, and I do not have a boot loader set up (last time it hijacked XP on me and I had to reinstall XP to get it to work again). BootMagic supposedly works, but something is screwy and I have to keep booting with a floppy.

    Is there any way I can get some net access happening with Linux?


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    Open up a console and as root type ifconfig and route, what do they output. Also what are the contents of ur /etc/resolv.conf?:cheers:


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      To be perfectly honest, I got so frustrated with it, that I just deleted the paritions...which opened up a whole other kettle of fish that led me to pull my hair out yet again