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Nero DVD Burning (Vision Express)

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  • Nero DVD Burning (Vision Express)

    Have recently invested in a DVD RAM (philips) and Nero, which I have just downloaded. I also have the MPEG-2/DVD plugin.

    All this seems to work just fine apart from the finished result has certain frames that seem to pause for a fraction of a second longer than intended. The Original Mpegs play just fine, the resultant VOB's produced have the additional glitches.

    It seems to pause the last frame of a scene for a second longer than it should before cutting to the next scene.

    This occurs when either writing to the DVD Ram or when creating an image file.

    There are not too many settings I can find that I would have though had much impact on this. I have tried various sources for my Mpegs, both home made and commcerial but both with the same results.

    Has anyone experinced this problem before? Id anyone aware of a fix?

    I have tried this with the same results on two seperate computers, 1 a Dell Inspirion Laptop PIII 1.2GB 256MB Ram, the other a Dell Destop, PIII 1.8GB 512MB Ram. Both with the same results.

    Thanks in advanced, Paul

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    Ya might want to checkout as they maybe of help. ;)