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  • OE6 accounts settings

    XP Corp & OE6. Has ne1 else come accross this prob in email acounts setup.
    Configured my email addresses in accounts, under servers I set my pop addresses & smtp addresses and all other settings & mail downloads no probs. Then after a day or two cant download any mail from servers & my account settings have changed. The pop.etc setting has changed to localhost and pop address has tagged onto end of email address ie from [email protected] to [email protected]/ I then have to redo settings to download mail again. Then history repeats itself. HELP plz

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    Did you install any antivirus software?
    It usually does that. It sets sending acount to localhost and checks it first. Almost the same is with the incoming server name.
    Idea: If you can't get your mail try some other antivirus tool like Norton (it works fine for me). Or check possibility not to check mails (I don't recomend, for the most viruses spread via mail).