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query with Nortons Systemworks 2003.

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  • query with Nortons Systemworks 2003.

    I've just loaded up Nortons systemworks 2003 and am very please with it's features but just have 1 question! now since loading it when I start windows and my desktop loads I get the Norton Sysworks directory in explorer coming up on my screen. Any ideas guys on how to stop the sysworks directory coming up on start up??????

    I'm using XP (pro)

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    Go into it's properties/preferences/configuration and there should be a way there to stop it from loading at start up. Also check your Start up folder in ya program menu as a lot of progs seem to be making entries there on me lately and by deleting them there will stop them loading. If those fail then go to Run and type msconfig , hit Enter, then go to the Startup tab and kill it there. :)


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      thanks mate! :cheers: