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  • Favorite MP3 Player?

    I am looking for opinions on the best MP3 player available. More than that, I was wondering about the new Winamp3 vs previous versions of winamp vs. other players. Please include not only which MP3 player your prefer, but the specific version and specific reaons why it is the best (features, layout, compatibility, quality, etc.)

    Also, if you have favorite skins or plug-ins for a player I would be interested to hear about these as well.

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    WinAMP is what I use for it has a good layout and ease of use plus the huge variety of skin available (plus if ya don't like any then ya can make ya own) as well as excellent compatability with all Windows oses since Win98 (sorry but some flavours of 95 left a lot to be desired). :thumb:

    I havn't used the latest yet as everything here atm is bandaided together awaitin' my new mobo so I can do some hardware, software and PC duties reallocations on the home network here and then I will. I've also used it for nearly 5 years now and easily copes with my 5GB's worth. ;)


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      If it's a user freindly interface you want then WinAmp is top-notch.

      If it's sound quality you're after head over to and pick up the free PlayR Jokebox.
      It uses M$'s DirectShow API for superior sound quality.

      But it isn't quite as handy as WinAmp - though it does offer some nice features for simple/basic scratchin' & stuff.

      I've asked before, but if anyone knows a free player other than Magix PlayR that uses DirectShow --- I would sure appreciate some linkage!!

      I keep WinAmp installed for a "quick listen"
      But I use PlayR Jukebox when I want to get a bit more serious about sound.
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        Winamp 3 by a long shot. Mr C, you should check this out too, as it's now got proper DirectSound Support. 3 is better than 2 due to many thing, but a couple of my favourites are:

        - Crossfading between songs
        - The ability to 'queue' songs in a list.
        - A more advanced playlist system
        - You can make the windows semi-transperant! :D

        It's just a much better player than 2. Once you get used to it that is..


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          Like I said, I'll give it a go when things are done here. ;)


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            :D Winamp3 is one of the best players and I have had a few...
            the best skin I have seen, even though there are heaps of good ones available...


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              WinAMP classic for me. I gave WinAMP3 a go and it didn't same the same ease-of-use appeal.
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                I am using Its fairly easy to use and a lot of features too.
                I've tried winamp before and didn't like it.:rolleyes:


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                  I use MusicMatch to rip all my MP3s, but it just seems too 'big' to be a simple player..


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                    hmmm, proper DirectSound utilization you say?
                    I didn't realize it was inadequate before.

                    So do you think it will stand up to the PlayR's DirectShow? I might have to be bothered to find out ITF.
                    Because even on my monitor's built in speakers you could tell the difference.

                    I'm no audiophile by a long-shot, but I can hear a distinct difference in richness and depth of sound.
                    Even on my $15 POS speakers it is apparent:laugh:

                    I do like the WinAmp interface much better:thumb:

                    I'd love to have that interface combined with the PlayR audio quality - I'd be a most happy camper then!
                    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                      Does anyone have experience ripping MP3's with the various plug-ins available for winamp? I have used music match for rippping and like it a lot, but never ripped on winamp. When you say that you like "classic winamp" which version are you refering to?


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                        I only use MusicMatch for rippin' and occassional burning as it does use far too many resources to use just as a player for my likin'. ;)

                        The "Classic" versions are those before version 3. :)

                        As to the plugin's, sorry can't help ya there (see above). : peace2: